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** Good News **
We are so happy to announce that the Carter Fold is opening again!  This concert will be our first since closing due to Covid in early March of 2020. At present, we plan to continue weekly concerts through November 20. We will then close for the winter until March 2022 in case of a Covid resurgence. We ask that our audience be mindful of Covid and respectful of Covid concerns.
** Important **
The staff and everyone associated with the Carter Family Fold mourn  the loss of the President of our organization's board - Howard Klein.  Howard was so much more to us than the office he held.  You need only read his obituary to understand how blessed we were to have his guidance and affection.  He believed in the Fold, fought for it, and actually helped guide us in establishing our nonprofit corporation.  It was as important to him and his wife Pat (who also served on our board) as it was to founder Janette Carter that the Fold would always remain the special and unique place it has always been.  Much more than a supporter and friend, Howard was a much-loved part of our family along with his wife Pat and their family.  Without Howard's loving  guidance and support, the Fold would not be the unique, welcoming place it is.  The thought of going on without him is very difficult.  We lost a dear,and much loved member of our Fold family, and all our hearts are heavy. 

**  One of a kind, handcrafted guitar fundraiser. **

Tickets are on sale now to win a guitar handcrafted by Wayne Henderson and the Virginia Luthiers. This group has built guitars for Eric Clapton, Mumford & Sons and Dolly Parton to name a few. It’s one of a kind – made from cherry wood taken from a tree behind the Carter Family Museum. With the Fold’s logo on the guitar head, there will never be another guitar quite like this one. Tickets can be purchased online

and at our weekly shows for $10 each or buy 5/ get the 6th free. We thank the Virginia Luthiers Wayne Henderson, Jimmy Edmunds, Spencer Strickland and Gerald Anderson for making this unique instrument a reality and for helping keep mountain music alive by coordinating efforts like this. Sadly Gerald Anderson passed away shortly after the debut of this wonderful guitar at our 2019 Appalachia Rising event. At the 2020 Appalachia Rising (date TBD), some lucky ticket holder will become the owner of this beautiful instrument. You do not have to be present to win.

Due to festival closures for 2020, the guitar will now be given away at our 2021 Appalachia Rising Festival.

Thank you for visiting the official Website of the Carter Family Memorial Music Center! This is your source for information related to the legendary Carter Family, the Carter Fold performance center, and all our activities dedicated to the preservation and presentation of traditional mountain and folk music.

The Carter Family Memorial Music Center, a non-profit organization, serves fans and supporters of old-time country and folk music through the presentation of weekly performances at the Carter Family Fold, in Hiltons, Virginia. It also honors the memory of the first family of country music, the legendary Carter Family (A.P. Carter, Sara Carter, and Maybelle Carter), whose first recordings (in 1927) are credited with giving birth to the commercial country music industry. The Carter Family Memorial Music Center was founded by Janette Carter, daughter of A.P. and Sara, who with Sara's cousin Maybelle, comprised the original Carter Family. The Carter Family Memorial Music Center is directed by Rita Forrester, daughter of Janette Carter.

This is the official Website of The Carter Family as well as that of The Carter Fold and The Carter Family Memorial Music Center. Please visit us often as we add information and photographs that help tell the story of this remarkable family.
The Carter Family Memorial Music Center is a non-profit organization.
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